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Christian Gräser / CEO

When it counts:

Quality and process stability are the key points for success. We have a close look on it and do all what is needed to guide you to your target.

Abfüllen und verschliessen:

Ein gutes Produkt verdient eine gute Verpackung. Dies wird mit den Produkten der Firma Toltabex AG sichergestellt. Wir begleiten sie gerne auf dem Weg dahin und darüber hinaus bis zum Zyklusende der Maschine.

With system to success:

Know what, when and how to do. To keep your production on the winner line you need well educated persons. It starts by the operator over supervisor till the maintenance crew. We help you in all respects to develop your individual training sessions.    

When it's complex:

With tons of experience from all different fields in machine building and together with an excellent network are we able to provide you pragmatist and trivial solutions.